6 seasons with Canvas Holidays

Hello, I am Helen, back in 2011 I completed my first season with Canvas Holidays. I was at college gaining entry into university where I met someone who had worked for Canvas Holidays the previous summer.

I had a summer to spare so decided I would apply for a high season position, this then resulted in me completing FIVE seasons as a high season courier, many of which included De-Montage at the end of the season. 

It's now 2017 and I'm on my 6th season (I had a year off during my Dissertation for University). I'm currently the Senior Courier on Camping La Siesta in Spain, I am also working with my partner. 

Having never holidayed with Canvas I never knew anything about the sites I had previously worked on over the years. I worked for 3 years on sites across France, 2 years in Switzerland and this year in Spain. My favourite site to date has to be Manor Farm in Switzerland. The area itself is just stunning and the mountains are breath-taking. 

This year has been a challenging year having never done a full season, to then be running a site and a team. It has been great being able to work a season with my partner (who was new to Canvas this year). We have both really enjoyed the challenge, got stuck in and worked hard. Been given the chance to work in Spain was great. I love the sun and we have not been disappointed. The area is still Traditional Spain and beautiful with lots of things to see and do with Barcelona on our door step.

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