James White - Duinrell and Berny Riviere

Hello, or as they say in Dutch ‘Hallo’ ‘Hoi’ or ‘Goedmidag’

My name is James I am currently working on Duinrell with Canvas Holidays as Senior Courier alongside my site manager Kike.

I chose canvas holidays to work for because as a child I went to ‘Camping Acapulco’ in the Vendee and always wanted to become a courier – I had also seen the couriers on sites when I was working for another company in the Vendee/Messanges area – Canvas always stood out from the rest and really interested me to work for them.

My journey with canvas began in 2015 – As a Campsite Courier here on Duinrell. Throughout my first season on Duinrell with Canvas Holidays I received training to become a Senior Courier, the following year (2016) I was placed on ‘La Croix Deux Vieux Pont’ (Berny Riviere) working alongside a Senior Courier and Site Manager that had worked for the company for a few seasons.

My favourite part of the Senior Role is ensuring customers receive a great holiday – This can vary between ensuring mobiles are cleaned to the highest of standard, and ensuring brilliant customer service is given making customers aware of Local information, Information on campiste etc

My highlight of the season has been working back on Duinrell (as this is my favourite site) and also working with our team – our team consists of a mix of all ages, and experience this has made its particularly fun for me to keep organisation fair and fun at all times. Unfortunately this season on Duinrell we haven’t had the greatest of weather however this does not stop us from ensuring all customers receive a fantastic service and also a holiday they will never forget as we strive on providing Excellence everytime.

Working for canvas holidays is great as they really make you feel at ease – even if its varying from speaking to Area Managers & ADEX’S to working on site with the team and with Canvas Holidays customers. I have been very lucky over the past 3 years to work for canvas because I have worked with some terrific people in the company with all different experiences, from installing mobiles, to being area managers, campsite couriers and head office, Operations Department and the sales team.

I wonder where my Canvas Holidays journey will take me next year.


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