Look what Lewis Currie had to say about Canvas

When I applied to work for Canvas Holidays I was working full time in Scotland – which was great but it wasn’t exciting and I needed a new adventure. I applied for Canvas Holidays as they were offering the opportunity to work abroad, which included accommodation and travel. Even more so with the job being seasonal I knew it would enable me to go travelling over the winter months, which other jobs wouldn’t enable me to do. 

I knew of Canvas Holidays from when I was younger and went on holiday with my family and even more recent in 2015, when my girlfriend and I went to Norcenni, Girasole, Italy – the year before we joined the Canvas team. We had an unforgettable time celebrating my Birthday so Norcenni has to be my favourite campsite.

I chose to work for Canvas Holidays as from the day I applied they were ‘on the ball’. I was really impressed with the recruitment team, the training team and then the management onsite. I also chose to work for Canvas Holidays as I would be able to go travelling at the end of the year – which like I said is something I had been meaning to do for a long time but could never find the time. I was then fortunate to be given a position and my Canvas Holidays journey began in 2016 on La Croix du Vieux Pont, Berny Rivière where I worked the full season. Berny Rivière is a huge site for Canvas Holidays and I worked under a great management team, which was perfect as they were always there to offer advice when needed. This will be my 2nd season with Canvas Holidays and this year (2017) I have worked as a courier on Chenes Verts which is a small couple’s site, in Dordogne, France.

The best part about my job is that I love being able to manage myself and my workload knowing that I have the support from the Office, Maintenance team and Area managers to help me out if I ever need it. I also love hearing customers talk about what they’ve done on their holiday and how good their stay has been. I have come across some real hidden gems that I would never have found without speaking to customers. 

I have absolutely loved this season. I have really enjoyed spending time with our customers - I have met some incredible and inspirational people from all walks of life. The weather has been exceptional all season too. My parents came over for a visit and I loved spending time with them. All in all, the highlight of the season was the season itself.

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