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Founded in 1964 by the Cuthbert family, Canvas Holidays is the original and longest running overseas camping tour operator in the UK. The Cuthberts were regular campers to France each year and realised how useful it would be to have pre-erected tents, with equipment already provided.

Canvas Holidays started out as a very small operation offering tent accommodation on only one campsite in Brittany in France.

With over 50 years providing camping adventures, Canvas Holidays joined the French-owned Vacalians Group in late 2014. 

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best possible holiday experience. We do this by offering our customers a variety of campsites, accommodation, travel options and also onsite extras such as linen, insurance and on certain sites, free kid’s clubs.

Most importantly, we offer our customers a friendly and knowledgeable onsite courier service.

Since its birth in 1964, Canvas Holidays has developed a quality reputation underpinned by excellent customer service.  A culture of placing our customers and staff at the centre of everything we do helps us to achieve our key objective:  providing the most fantastic holiday experience possible to our customers.  Of course, things never stand still in the camping world and, along with the existing Canvas and Tohapi brands, the Dutch camping operator Selectcamp was welcomed into the Group in the spring of 2018, followed shortly after by the French AMAC Group in June 2018.  The acquisition of both these quality brands means the Vacanceselect Group is now the leader in the outdoor accommodation market in Europe.

The Canvas brand is just one part of the amazing selection of package of holidays on offer to our customers.

We are committed to looking after our staff and testament to the great team you could be part of. The amazing experience we offer is that around 60% of our seasonal staff return year after year.  

Along with our passion for camping, we are committed to supporting every member of the seasonal team by ensuring they have the necessary training and equipment to deliver the best holiday experience to our customers.  The team you would be joining has a wealth of experience in the camping and hospitality industry and many of the office support staff began their careers working as Campsite Couriers and Area Managers.  Each one will testify to their time in the field as some of the happiest and most rewarding of their lives and this is why every single one of them is ready and willing to help with any questions you may have however small or insignificant they may seem!

Our key objective is to ensure all customers arrive home having had the best holiday ever and that will only happen if we support you to deliver an exceptional customer service experience.

You can look forward to joining a team that is passionate and determined to be the best camping tour operator in the business. So, congratulations on choosing to work with Canvas Holidays.


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