Kelly- Garangeoire

I was fed up of the mundane lifestyle back at home and wanted a life of travel and culture. Canvas Holidays gives me the opportunity to live and work in another county with the support and help from a team in the UK and France. 

My job role as a single courier can be fun, rewarding & productive. I get a lot of satisfaction when my guests have had a great holiday and love the accommodation we have provided, And say they will return again next year. 

The hours some days can be long and working in the heat all day can be very challenging, As a single rep you have to be able to motivate and organise yourself.  However working on fabulous campsites and destinations around Europe makes up for this. You're actually working where people choose to holiday and you can't bet that. 

I love working face to face with customers. Recommending what to do in the area and places to visit. 

I have returned to the same campsite the last few years and it is great to see your returning customers. Especially the ones you had a great rapport with. 

You must remember that is a job and not a holiday once you've got your head around that you can work hard and play hard.

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