James - Vieux Port

I started working for Canvas Holidays in 2015, Canvas Holidays were recommended to me by a good friend. After 10 years in a career job, I felt my work and social life becoming same-same. More of a chore than a challenge.

I began in a small team site in Spain where I was dropped off at midnight and greeted by the Canvas Holidays Couriers on site. This is where I learned the bread and butter of the job and was fortunate to try de-montage and I got to see the many campsites in Spain.

I returned the following year enthusiastically and began montage work. Erecting tents in the south of France, campsite to campsite, and popping into Switzerland too!

I took on the role of single courier that year and on my return the following year I found a site I call home from home, in the South West of France.  With an open mind, flexible attitude and a tub of elbow grease I am rewarded with lunch by the lake, sunset and marshmallows on the beach and good friends.

The cleaning is therapeutic, the clients are people like ourselves and I feel the Team at head office see us as a name rather than bodies on the ground.

I started the role of senior courier in 2018 and haven’t looked back since.

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