Recruitment and HR Team


The Recruitment and HR team consists of Lois McPhillips and Jim Rideout.

Your Canvas recruitment journey will be dealt with by one of the team from the moment you submit your application, right up until when you are on site.

We are also on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have throughout your season.

Having worked in various roles within the company from being on site couriers to roles within the office, we have a wealth of knowledge between us to enable you to get your season off to the perfect start.


Lois McPhillips / Recruitment and HR Consultant

I started working for Canvas in 2006 where I was a childrens courier on St.Aubin, Normandy. The following year I was the childrens courier on Domaine des Naiades, Côte d'Azur before moving to Camping Acapulco, Vendee for High Season.

I am now the Recruitment and HR Consultant within the operations department, majority of my tasks are checking applications, setting up telephone interviews, face to face interviews, arranging and scheduling interview dates. I have many varied task prior to the season, during the season and over the winter.

Positive points about working for Canvas are: I love working for Canvas Holidays, Everyday is an Adventure! I enjoying speaking/meeting all the applicants during recuritment and enjoying talking to the couriers / Team Leaders / Area Managers and Maintenance teams overseas.

Jim Rideout / HR Consultant

I started work for Canvas in 2005. I’ve worked in the Pas de Calais, Normandy, Rome and Tuscany.

My responsibilities now are administrative duties in the Recruitment & HR department involving a wide range tasks that vary between summer and winter. The work includes recruitment and preparation for the holiday season before providing support for on-site staff in the summer.

Positive points about working for Canvas are: Working with people who are dedicated to providing the best service possible; the relaxed, friendly atmosphere; getting to know the on-site staff and the opportunity to learn new skills.