Overseas staff testimonials

The courier job is very rewarding and we know you will gain lots of wonderful memories as well as some extra skills during your season. The experience is great for making you a more confident and capable person and should leave you fully equipped to deal with whatever challenge you look to do next.

There’s no better way to give you an insight than through courier comments so here are a few from previous seasons just to give you a taster:

Once again working for Canvas has been great. The management always do their best to make sure you and your customers have a fantastic season

I enjoy working with canvas as I feel part of the team because the people in the office know who you are not just a number out in the field.

A job like this is physically and mentally demanding. It's a lifestyle. And more than worth trying. Once you know the ins and outs, the ups and downs are easier!

Working for canvas is a choice and a pleasure which I would like to continue!!!!!

If you think sunshine brings you happiness, then you haven't worked for canvas!

I have had a fantastic experience working for Canvas who are such a happy and friendly company to work for. Can't wait to work for them again.

This is definitely a job where anything can happen and generally does! Its hard work but also a great chance to meet new people and work in the sunshine.

Working for Canvas always ensures an eventful day ahead. From the routines of cleaning to the totally unexpected, the only certainty being that no two days will ever be the same, Great fun!

This last six months has been one of the best experiences in our time together. After forty years what a pretty wonderful statement to be able to make.

Have previously holidayed with Canvas Holidays since the age of 2years. After working my first season I am still yet to be disappointed. A friendly, helpful and excellent company to work for. Have and would recommend Canvas as an employer to anyone. Thoroughly impressed and cannot wait to return next year to work!


Canvas Holidays is a great company to work for, you learn many life skills, meet new people, try new things and have an amazing social life, with friends you will have for life!!

Hard work, but a very worthwhile overseas experience. I learned a lot and met people I will never forget! A great season.

Challenging, rewarding, hard work and fun!

Having worked for Canvas for three seasons I can easily say they have been some of the best summers of my life

I had a really good summer working for canvas, and it was the people I met who made it!

I had a really great summer with canvas holidays. The hard work was balanced out by spending time with the people I worked with and I have met some fantastic people and made some great friends.

Hard work but very enjoyable, you get the opportunity to really make a family holiday a great experience for the customer.

I had a wonderful season where I met great people, developed new skills and learned a lot about myself.

An unforgettable experience!

G-gained new friends.

R-reached new goals.

E-experienced new cultures.

A-achieved personal growth.

T-THE best 6 months ever!

Another great season with Canvas which definitely lived up to my previous three seasons.

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